Spider or Ninja? Phidippus johnsoni red-backed jumping spider

Phidippus johnsoni red-backed jumping spider

Ever met a spider that looks like it’s wearing a red racing stripe? No, it’s not the latest fashion trend in the arachnid world. Say hello to Phidippus Johnsoni Red-Backed Jumping Spider! Forget what you think you know about spiders—this one’s a character. What is Phidippus Johnsoni? So, let’s get the basics out of the … Read more

15 Most Common and Poisonous Spiders in Georgia


Georgia is home to a wide variety of vegetation and animals, including big brown bats and black bears. It has mountain ranges and coastal plains, both of which are teeming with uncommon and widespread species. Numerous varieties of spiders may be found in the Peach State. Spiders in Georgia there are many different kinds of … Read more

Best pet spiders for beginners

Best pet spiders for beginners

Introduction: Spiders are very fascinating creatures, they are beautiful to look at. They are found everywhere around us, we are familiar with this creature, if you have decided to keep this as a pet spider. Then you have to be determined because taking care of this fragile creature is time taking, although they are not … Read more