Best pet spiders for beginners


Spiders are very fascinating creatures, they are beautiful to look at. They are found everywhere around us, we are familiar with this creature, if you have decided to keep this as a pet spider. Then you have to be determined because taking care of this fragile creature is time taking, although they are not so demanding you have to do this work with dedication and care as other pets demand.

Normally humans are fond of pets, they love to have pets, but when we talk about spiders it seems unusual. There are about forty thousand species of spiders and the biggest number is found in California. To have spiders as pets is not so hard. If you are a beginner, there are some species of spiders to recommend.

You must select a species that is less harmful:

As a beginner Tarantula and Chilan is the best option for you. such as Mexican Redleg, and Costa Rican Zebra are not venomous as compared to Tarantulas. If you have kids in your home, you must avoid touching these pets. Another important thing is that spiders are highly fragile if you handle them carelessly they can be damaged.

Selection of best pet spider:

If you are going to select a fascinating spider as a pet you should consult local government organizations for a legal process. Sometimes our locales do not allow us to keep spiders as pets. In this regard permission and registration is necessary.

And if you are allowed then select the best spider species which is easy to handle and less venomous. You have to learn the diet and health issues of spiders. how to settle a spider and its modification and its housing. Here are some suggestions for the best species of spider you can keep in your home as a pet.

 Jumping spiders:

Jumping spiders are the best beginner spiders. This tiny creature is quite a small arachnid, they are short-lived and amazingly adorable emergence. Its unique appearance makes it different from other arthropods. They have wide eyes, big heads, and short legs.

They are considered the cutest spider because of their appearance. They have excellent vision and they turn to gaze at things, this behavior makes them more prominent. Jumping spiders as a pet is very friendly, they do not need high maintenance, extra heating, and lighting.


Jumping spiders are fed fruit flies, house flies, and 2-week-old cricket 3 times in a week. they need moisture and only 1 or 2 gallons are enough because of their small size.

Wolf Spider:

The Wolf spider is named for its prominent wolf-like personality. These spiders are classic in their shape, color, and appearance. They have long hairy legs, eight eyes, and large fangs.

Usually, they are one inch in length, but it depends on the members of their family Some wolf spiders bear only 0.5-inch length. Usually, females are big in size. Wolf spiders are easy and simple to keep in the house, they hide during the day and come out during the daytime.


They need live plants, flat rocks, pieces of stones with a thin layer of soil, and leaf litter. Mist the tank twice a week, these are some precautions that are necessary for wolf pet spiders.

Chilean Rose Tarantula:

The Chilean Rose Tarantula is very popular as a pet spider because of its wide and easy availability. They have impressive size, usually, tarantulas are friendly, cool, calm, and unwilling to bite.

This friendly behavior has made them popular as pet spiders, black and brown color bodies and large legs make them prominent. They are covered with pink and orange soft hair.


Their care and diet are simple, although they are large in size and need more space, they need a 15-gallon glass tank and coconut fiber or organic top 

Huntsman Spider:

The Huntsman spider family is famous for its size, this is the largest family of spiders in the world. These giant species have 11.8-inch legs span. Their large size gives them benefits in capturing their prey. their venom is not thought to be deadly for humans but their bite is painful.

They can chase down anything, they hunt locusts, mice, flies, and lizards The giant Huntsman is not recommended as a pet. But other species in this family are small, beautiful, and shy. They are easier to care for. Most Huntsman species grow only 5 inches, these are social species that love to live in colonies.

If you want a larger species with a slimmer look then the Tarantula huntsman spider is best for you. They need enough space for hiding, they like to rest on vertical surfaces therefore they need the space to grip the surface.


Usually, they prey on flies, locusts, lizards, and mice. They live in a society with almost 300 spiders in one colony.

Orb Weaver:

Orb weavers are very beautiful spiders, they build their webs in circular forms. This large and colorful creature uses its web to catch its prey. They through sticky material on their web, and mosquitoes and flies are captured in the web. Usually, they prey at night.

These beginner spiders do not require much time to care for and handle. but you have to arrange a large tank of at least 45 gallons. because the orb weaver needs 3 to 4 feet of width for web weaving.


They usually eat flies and mosquitoes, they need space to weave their orb, and moisture.


What is the best spider for a pet?

Tarantula is considered the best spider as a pet because they are friendly, cool and calm and easy to handle, they are not venomous and children can also enjoy their presence.

What is the friendliest spider breed?

The friendliest breed in spiders is found on the Indonesian Island and surprisingly it is known as the most friendly, tolerant towards humans and other spiders.

What is the lifespan of a pet spider?

Mostly it depends upon the species but typically a spider has two years lifespan. Some families of spiders live for only six months and some up to 20 years. Female spiders live longer than male spiders.

Can you tame a spider?

Apparently, it is not possible to tame spiders because they are not as friendly as other pets like dogs and cats, they are solitary creatures that like to live alone. If we try to be more familiar with them they can be agitated.


These are the five best pet spiders that we can keep in our homes, and these are, as compared to other spider species, more friendly and less venomous. They are easy to handle and aesthetically beautiful and their housing, keeping, and diet are also much easier for beginners.

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